Hi! I’m JanPaul, and this is my website.

(just Jan is fine too.)

I’m a software engineer based in Utah, USA.

For my day job, I work as a backend engineer for Divvy, using the Elixir programming language.

I’m also one half of Pollywog Games, where I make mobile strategy games as a hobby.

My Commercial Games

Open Source Projects

Other little projects


Blog Posts

Revisiting Godot: GDScript

Godot (pronounced “guh-DOE”) is a fully open-source game engine that aims to compete with giants like Unity and Unreal. I’ve written about it in the past, and at that time I was pretty harsh: GDScript is terrible. I refuse to use a language that I will only ever use for this one particular program. They do have C# support through Mono, which is cool. And it does have some other nice features, like first-class 2d support (including 2d lighting!…
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Unity: the Good Parts

In my last post, I detailed all the many reasons why I dislike Unity and find it frustrating to work with. Despite all those reasons, I’ve released a commercial game built with Unity and am close to releasing a second. That amounts to several years of working with Unity – if I hate it so much, why haven’t I bailed before now? Well, the reason is that the good parts of Unity outweigh the costs for me.…
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The quest for the Ultimate Game Engine

I’ve been using Unity for about 4 years now. I’ve even used it to develop a couple of commercial projects. So obviously, it can get the job done. It has a huge community and there are tons of high-quality tutorials online. It appears to be the most-used game engine among indies and hobbyists. And best of all, it’s free. … so what’s my gripe with it? A lot of things, really.…
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